2016 wrap-up 

My favourite street photographs from 2016.

Within the Sapsan, a short story

From F. Dostoyevsky, L. Tolstoy, to Yury Felten. Depression and love have always inspired creativity. I visited Russia from June 7 to 17 in 2014. Like tracing a small triangle onto the world map, we shuttled between Moscow, St. Petersburg, and a small principality named Suzdal.

For sale: Konica-A2 auto slide viewer

A vintage photographic accessory from the 70’s! Portable, working, clean, and collectable. It can even turn into an enlarging loupe for reading small prints. Item is priced to sell at S$30.00 only. Two new C-sized batteries included. Just insert your 35mm mounted photographic slides and enjoy! Thank you for taking interest, and here’s a video…